QUICK START: Update Storage DB when new version is released.

Mar 9, 2009 at 8:14 AM
QUICK START: How update NetSqlAzMan Storage DB when a new NetSqlAzMan version is released. 
1) BackUp entire SQL DB (NetSqlAzManStorage). 
2) Script your custom DB Object on NetSqlAzManStorage. 
3) from SQL Enterprise manager remove ADSI linked server (Server\Security\Linked Server, right click on ADSI and choose delete). 
4) From NetSqlAzMan Snap-In console, right click on storage - Export Stores and save all to an XML File. 
5) Drop NetSqlAzManStorage DB. 
6) Uninstall old NetSqlAzMan version.  
7) Download and install new NetSqlAzMan version. 
8) Create a new DB (NetSqlAzManStorage) 
9) From Query Analyzer, choose NetSqlAzManStorage and execute NetSqlAzManStorage_SQL200x.sql script. 
(This will create db objects and linked server) 
10) Open NetSqlAzMan Storage Snap-In, re-connect with your NetSqlAzManStorage. 
11) Right click on root node and choose Import Stores - select XML File saved at step 4). 
12) Execute script for generating custom db object saved at step 2). 
I hope this is useful for you. 
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