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Integration with SailpointIQ

first post: pankajtech wrote: Hi Expert, I would like to integrate the NetSQLAzman with Sailpoi...

Does NetSQlAzman supports AD LDS out of the box ?

first post: AnirCodeplex wrote: Does NetSQlAzman supports AD LDS out of the box ? Going by this thr...

latest post: aferende wrote: see here: http://netsqlazman.codeplex.com/discussions/61253

Web Console with IIS Express 7.5

first post: protstein wrote: I am trying to set up a demo to convince my boss that NetSqlAzMan ...

Cannot add windows/domain user using web console

first post: edellacasa_altran wrote: Hi Andrea,using web console I can't find a way to insert windows do...

latest post: aferende wrote: No difference between MMC snapi in and Web console.Both uses the Ne...

Get All the list of (Roles, Tasks, Operations) for specific user

first post: may215 wrote: Hi Andrea,I am looking for a way to get all the list of(Roles, Task...

latest post: neskora wrote: Thank you Andrea, it works now

using sqlazman in hierarchial access application

first post: shygun wrote: Hello everybody, I want to use SQLAZMAN for authorization in a repo...

latest post: aferende wrote: Then you can use a "Deny" permission to break the authorization cha...

Role Task Mapping

first post: msshaiju wrote: Is there any way to get tasks and operations mapped to a Role?. If ...

latest post: aferende wrote: Yes.Use the IAzManItem.GetMembers() method (from the Role item).___...

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