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If you have installed an earlier version to, you MUST FIRST UPGRADE your NetSqlAzManStorage Database schema before Installing this release.

Starting from release all objects in the NetSqlAzManStorage database have been renamed: "xxxx" becomes ==> "netsqlazman_xxxx".

Instructions to update NetSqlAzManStorage Database Schema
  • Make a Full database backup of your NetSqlAzManStorage DB.
  • Use NetSqlAzMan MMC SnapIn Console ( or previous) to export all Storage data into an .xml file (include Item Authorizations, Windows Users/Groups and Database Users).
  • If you have custom DB Users backup dbo.UsersDemo table and dbo.GetDBUsers() Table Function.
  • Unistall NetSqlAzMan or previous (MMC Console, WebConsole and WCF Cache Service).
  • Install the new NetSqlAzMan version ( or later).
  • Create a new NetSqlAzManStorage Database
  • Load and Execute the SqlAzMan_SqlServer.sql script (installation folder) to create the new Database Schema (3.6.0.x)
  • Launch the new NetSqlAzMan MMC SnapIn Console
  • Import back all Storage Data from the .xml file (include Item Authorizations, Windows Users/Groups and Database Users).

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aferende Jun 27, 2009 at 8:55 AM 
Thanks ... I have updated instructions above for dbo.UsersDemo table too.

dliuzzi Jun 27, 2009 at 12:33 AM 
Don't forget to backup the GetDBUser function in an ALTER script, to regenerate afterward.