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CheckAccessHelper: Add overloads for IAzManDBUser type


From: cmacholz
I guess you missed my question....I'm am doing exactly what is in this link (Which is good) But upon reading your documentation I noticed another more streamlined way to checkAccess, the CheckAccessHelper class(*1). The cool thing about the Helper class, is it auto generates your Roles, Tasks, and Operations ENUM's for you. But it does Not take a IAzManDBUser in the constructor and all of the codes (*2) overridden method signatures do not take a IAzManDBUser, but a DBuserName as string. I've Written my own "Helper" class, but the auto-generated code would be easier to maintain. If the "Generate CheckAccesHelper" fucntion also included overided methods that took a IAzmanDBUser I wouldn't have to manually update my roles, tasks, and operations Enum (Which I  will spell wrong and wonder why its not working).
So, Could you add another overriden CheckAccess function to your helper classes that takes a IAzManDBUser?
if, not, no big deal, I'll just manually upadate my own helper class.
1) #######################
string cs = "data source=eidosis4-afr;Initial
Catalog=NetSqlAzManStorage;Integrated Security = SSPI;";
My_Application.Security.CheckAccessHelper helper = new
My_Application.Security.CheckAccessHelper(cs, WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent());
bool result = helper.CheckAccess(My_Application.Security.CheckAccessHelper.Operation.Op1);
//Use result for your business logic
if (result == true)
//Allow or AllowWithDelegation
//Deny or Neutral

END 1)



Public Overridable Overloads Function GetAuthorizationType
Protected Overridable Overloads Function CheckAccess

End 2

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