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NetSqlAzMan - .NET SQL Authorization Manager

NetSqlAzMan is the .NET Sql Authorization Manager short form and is an applicative authorization manager, that is, given an application user, what this user is authorized to do within that application.

NetSqlAzMan is for all Microsoft .NET 4.0 developers that need to manage loosely-coupled applicative authorizations, that is, weakly coupled with source code, in a light and fast way having all these authorizations in a relational database such as MS Sql Server (2000/MSDE/2005/2008/2012/Express).
  • NetSqlAzMan allows you to change User Authorizations without recompile your application !
  • NetSqlAzMan supports AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)

NuGet NuGet

NetSqlAzMan is now available though NuGet (instructions).



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Further information is available in the Documentation section.

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