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Installing .NetSqlAzMan via NuGet

  1. Determine if NuGet is already installed for VS 2010
  2. Right click on the project that the NetSqlAzMan NuGet package should be added to and select “Manage NuGet Packages…”
    NuGet Installation Screenshot

  3. This will bring up the NuGet package manager GUI
  4. In the left menu, verify “Online” is selected
    NuGet Installation Screenshot

  5. In the search box (top right), type in NetSqlAzMan to filter the results
    NuGet Installation Screenshot 
  6. Click “Install” next to the NetSqlAzMan package that contains the correct platform (x86 or x64) for the project (the platform is contained in the name of the package ID) 
  7. NuGet will download the package and install the NetSqlAzMan assembly into the project references and add a packages.config file to the root of the project containing the NetSqlAzMan package id
    NuGet Installation Screenshot

Installing NetSqlAzMan MMC snap-in, tutorials, samples, and documentation

  1. Navigate to: <directory of solution file>\packages\<NetSqlAzMan package ID>\tools
  2. Run the .MSI file and follow the prompt


* Special thanks to Jason Lopp (jlopp) for package creation on NuGet.

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